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Friday, 31 March 2023, 1:43PM

ZM are proud supporters of Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines' mahi is all about looking after the ocean. Check out their carousel on Instagram for six ways the ocean looks after us, and six ways we can look after it in return!


World Ocean Day: Six ways the moana looks after us

1. Thanks to the ocean, we can breathe. At least 50% of the oxygen on Earth comes from the ocean — mostly from phytoplankton performing photosynthesis.

SOURCE: 'How much oxygen comes from the ocean?,' National Ocean service,

2. The ocean helps to balance the climate. It soaks up 25% of carbon dioxide and 90% of heat emissions from the atmosphere.

SOURCE: 'The ocean – the world's greatest ally against climate change,' United Nations,

3. It waters our land. Most of our rainfall starts out as evaporated water from the ocean’s surface.

SOURCE: 'How does the ocean affect climate and weather on land?', NOAA Ocean Exploration,

4. It's home to our friends. There is huge biodiversity in the ocean, with about 226,000 species identified so far — estimated to be a small fraction of the true number!

SOURCE: 'What is Ocean Biodiversity', IOC-UNESCO,

5. It provides for us. From the variety found in kai moana, to sports, leisure, play and artistic inspiration.

6. It improves wellbeing. The ocean benefits mental health! Research shows that exposure to big, blue space improves human wellbeing.

SOURCE: ''Blue space' may improve human well-being more than green space', Stuff,

The ocean looks after us, so help us protect it from plastic pollution.

  • Become a regular donor to support our work.
  • Join a clean-up.
  • Reduce your waste.
  • Ask companies to make a change.
  • Pick up rubbish when you see it.
  • Share the post @sustainablecoastlines!

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