YouTuber Exposed As A Liar and Conman

Publish Date
Friday, 20 November 2015, 9:26AM

YouTuber "Adrian Gee" made a video which went showed Adrian playing a blind man asking for change for a $5 note (which was in fact actually a $50). The point of the video was to see how many people would tell this "blind" man that he was handing over way too much money. 

As it turned out...everyone in his video were actors and his overall video is very fake! Here's how he reacts when he's called out.

Watch from around 4mins to see when he is called out on it during an interview. 

We are totally aware that a lot of YouTubers videos are actually fake (sadly) but this guy is particularly bad because of the way he portrayed the actors in the video and the fact that they were unaware of how they would be portrayed!


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