Woman Shocks Jeremy Kyle With Admissions About Her Very Active Sex Life

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 May 2016, 11:20AM

Sarah-Jane may have just provided us with the most entertaining Jeremy Kyle yet.

Upon entering the show, Sarah-Jane admitted her and her boyfriend were having sex ten times a day. Yes, ten times a day!
But after the sex stopped unexpectedly six months ago, Sarah-Jane decided to take matters into Jeremy Kyle's hands.

Sarah-Jane had absolutely no issues talking about her rampant sex life and even admitted using a cucumber as an aid.

The audience were in absolute stitches as this woman laid it all out for Jeremy while he sat completely flabbergasted at this couple's outrageous bedroom antics!

After sharing the details with the world, the pair's lie detector results were read out, and the outcome took an unexpected turn!


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