Woman Accused of Being the Most Selfish Quiz Show Contestant Ever

Publish Date
Thursday, 3 March 2016, 8:18AM

This woman was branded as 'selfish' and caused outrage on social media after she appeared on 'The Chase'.

Elaine got up to £6,000 by answering correct questions but then accepted a minus £7,000 offer despite her team mate winning £33,000 for them both.

She was offered the chance to play for £67,000 by ‘Chaser’ Mark Labbett but she instead played for minus £7,000 to ensure she would make it through to the final, reports the Daily Mail.

Once again, host Bradley Walsh couldn't contain his emotions and showed shock at her decision. 

Twitter users weren't impressed. 

Elaine did go on to beat the Chaser but thanks to her ‘efforts’ left the final jackpot seven grand emptier than it would have been.

However, the Chaser showed no mercy in the final round and needless to say the pair ended the show empty handed.

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