Watch this news team lose it on air after recipe goes horribly wrong

Publish Date
Monday, 19 December 2016, 12:49PM

'Tis the season to eat heaps of food. Which is what this Canadian news team tried to do. They absolutely fell to pieces after a cooking segment went horribly wrong.

All week long, the hosts of the Canadian Show Global News in Calgary were sharing their “holiday treats”. When one host, Leslie Horton, brings in homemade artichoke dip and has her co-workers try it, the results are not what she — or anybody — expected.

So, what went wrong? As you can see in the video, Horton improvised with some of the ingredients, like using an orange instead of a lemon.

“See, this is where the little bits of chemistry play in, Leslie,” Jordan Witzel, one of Horton’s co-hosts, said in the video. “Things didn’t combine properly.”

Also, apparently, Horton used pickled artichoke hearts versus regular artichokes. Oops. That would explain the vinegary taste.

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