Watch: The Most OTT Sorority Recruitment Video

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 January 2016, 4:57PM

This sorority recruitment video for the University of Miami Delta Gamma is insane. There are sunsets and surfs, tiny bikinis and shots of sisters diving off of docks into gorgeous ocean waves. You could possibly call it excessive or totally over the top, and the money they may have spent on it is definitely both of those things. 

Elle asked a New York advertising agency just how much it costs to create a recruitment video that looks like a Taylor Swift music video.

“We believe it was shot on a moving rig and one of the newer drones (not a helicopter). The combination of three days at least, a good camera (because of the slo-mo), rented boats (speedboat and sailboat), possibly a rented beach, a rented hotel, and post production, could come to $400K. But even if all the locations were donated (dads’ boats, etc), we’re looking at $200K,” Elle reported.

200k is INSANE. 



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