VIDEO: Richie McCaw Mobbed By Argentine Fans

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Thursday, 3 December 2015, 1:35PM

Richie McCaw has been mobbed by young Argentine fans at an event in central Buenos Aires.

The swarm of fans swamped the former All Black captain in what almost resembled a rolling maul as he made his way from the microphone to the car after giving rugby tips and fielding questions from the crowd.

Security could do nothing to stop the crowd getting near McCaw, whose live TV interviews at the event were called off and moved elsewhere.

"I think one of those special things about rugby is you travel all over the world but everyone who plays the game plays as a team," McCaw told those gathered.

McCaw, who retired from professional rugby last month, said he wouldn't miss the training, but thought he would miss the sport when the team played next year.

"Unfortunately you can't play forever, I've had a pretty good run."

McCaw also paid tribute to the late Jonah Lomu, who died last month.

"He is one of our absolute superstars of rugby. You go to anywhere where rugby's not really known and one [name] they do know is Jonah. So it's really sad he's passed away at age 40. He's a legend of the All Blacks and a legend of rugby so you feel for his two young kids and wife who have been left behind," he said.


-NZ Herald

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