Vaughan's Lion Attack Prank on Megan Ends in Tears

Publish Date
Friday, 19 August 2016, 7:45AM

As you may be aware, Gram Wars has been going on this week! Vaughan set up Fletch's cat Karen on Instagram against Megan's puppy Leo. It was all going okay to begin with but things started getting heated and both of them started misbehaving! Fletch sabotaged Megan's special plane she hired to promote her puppy and Megan's followers seemingly started going up in the thousands instantly (even though she insists she is NOT buying followers)!! Anyway, there was far too much bickering for Vaughan's liking and he decided that no one was to win this war and both of them needed to lose!

All along, the plan was for the loser to have to feed a lion blindfolded at the zoo. So, Vaughan told them both they had to do it. OF COURSE this wasn't going to actually happen (WHY WOULD THE ZOO LET ANYONE LET ALONE FVM FEED A LION BLINDFOLDED, HELLO!?) but because Fletch and Megan believed it, Vaughan- the ultimate prankster - took advantage of this and stitched them up.

Megan's scream tho :| :| :| :|


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