Steven Avery's Twin Sons Finally Speak Out About 'Making A Murderer'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 February 2016, 9:18AM

Steven Avery's twin sons Steven Jr and Bill have remained pretty silent throughout the whole Making A Murderer debacle but they've decided to speak out. 

Speaking exclusively to Crime Watch Daily Bill and Steven Avery Jr. have opened up about the hit Netflix show, their father’s reported crimes, and how it has impacted on their lives.

The full interview is yet to come but a preview has become available.

When asked by Crime Watch whether they believe their father killed Teresa Halbach Bill confidently replies “No, I don’t think he did”. Steven Jr. on the other hand was not so sure:

"I have no idea. I mean, only one person can answer that, and that is Teresa, but she can’t answer it no more.

The only thing I know is that the entire case was very shady, it’s clear that there was corruption."

Steven Jr. also spoke about how his father’s past has dramatically affected the lives of both he and his brother, so much so that he had wanted to take his wife’s surname when they were married.

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