Parson James Performs Live in Studio

Publish Date
Friday, 15 July 2016, 5:05PM

Parson James is the latest breakout artist that has amazed the world with his lyrics and vocals. 

The singer/songwriter shot to fame when Kygo remixed his track Stole the Show which became an instant hit.

Parson is in New Zealand to put on a show at St Mary's Church, where he will perform with Auckland's LGBT choir, Gals, to raise money for the families of the victims of Orlando.

The pop-soul singer has close ties to New Zealand - his manager is Lorde's former manager, Scott Maclachlan. He's always been surrounded by Kiwis, was there when Lorde first started taking off, and has always wanted to visit the country which he says is "such a progressive place".

Check out his amazing performance above, and be prepared to be blown away by his epic talent!

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