Mother completely rejects her gay son on TV

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 2:44PM

Breakdowns of families are always really sad but watching TV show "Bride and Prejudice" participant Chris calming explaining to his parents that he was marrying his partner of three years and then being rejected is awful.

There's no yelling, screaming or tears, just a quiet final resignation that Chris' parents would never accept who he is and who he loves.

Chris is the child of a devout Jehovah’s Witness mother, Yvonne, and a very traditionally minded father, Geoff. Chris is gay and has recently proposed to his partner Grant. They’re getting married soon in Florida.

Chris was flown by the show to Queensland to ask his parents to come to their wedding. 

“So, I understand you want to have a chat to us,” Yvonne says, the apprehension in her demeanour completely clear to everyone.

“Yeah. Basically …. Not basically. Well you know how I’ve been going back and forth from the States for three years now,” Chris asks.

“I actually met someone. And … his name is Grant. The reason why I want you to meet Grant is because he’s really important to me. And what we’re doing is we’re getting married in a month’s time in Palm Springs in the States.”

At this point, Chris’ Dad, Geoff actually laughs. 

Chris ploughs on. “I was coming to see whether you guys would come.”

Yvonne breaks the silence. “Well, Chris, um … you know I’ve got very strong beliefs on that situation. So, um, for us, that’s not an option.”

Chris asks Geoff what his beliefs are. “Basically the same, different reasons,” Geoff replies.

He asks them if they will meet Grant.

“No, we don’t want to. Okay? The only contact we really want to have is with just you,” Yvonne replies.

“Well, just me is all of me. You can choose all of me or none of me. Not just part of me,” Chris says.

At the end of their incredibly short conversation, just 15 minutes, Yvonne says, “I’d like a hug before you go.”

Chris can’t bring himself to give her one.

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