Matt LeBlanc Breaking Character in This 'Friends' Scene is the Best

Publish Date
Monday, 4 July 2016, 8:40AM

We've watched Friends pretty religiously but we never picked up on this! 

In the Season 4 episode, ‘The One With The Worst Best Man’, Matt LeBlanc made a blunder that we’re surprised even made it to air!

In the scene, Ross is accusing a stripper of stealing a wedding ring that belonged to his grandmother. Having organised the party, Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey is standing behind Ross in support, but he can’t keep a straight face.

Ross finishes speaking and looks like Matt just can't quite take it and has a bit of a giggle. 

This little surprise is now clearly visible thanks to the aspect change from 4:3 to 16:3. We can’t wait to see what other little things pop up in our fave TV shows!


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