Man is Convinced He's Dating Katy Perry in Bizarre 'Catfish' Clip

Publish Date
Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 11:21AM

Just when you think Catfish can’t get any crazier, the show gets crazier.

The man appearing in the latest episode is called Spencer and 100% thinks he is dating Katy Perry. Yep.

“I have been talking to this woman for the last 6 years,” Spencer tells his brother, Nev and Max. “I’m in love with her. She’s awesome. It’s Katy Perry… the singer.”

Spencer has even made Katy a ring! “It’s our great-grandmother’s emerald,” he tells his brother. “I took a diamond ring-like band to it and made a ring. It’s an engagement ring.”

We have a small feeling that "Katy Perry" won't be Katy Perry buuuuuttt will have to watch the episode to be sure...!!

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