Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt hilariously explains 'THAT' scooter ride to FVM

Publish Date
Friday, 2 December 2016, 11:18AM

Yesterday, some hilarious footage emerged on the Only in New Zealand Facebook page, of Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt scootering around the neighbourhood. 

The video immediately went viral, leaving Shadbolt shocked:

"I did a bit of online stuff for the campaign [and] I was lucky to get 100 hits talking about council policy.

"Then I go to the shops to get some milk and I get 120,000 or something."

FVM had a chat to the Invercargill Mayor this morning and it's nothing short of HILARIOUS!

69-yr-old Tim Shadbolt explains that he was simply going for a ride with his 4-yr-old son; yup you read that correctly, 4-yr-old son.

He even cracks a joke about the age gap himself, which makes us love him more!



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