Hilary Barry's Final Goodbye

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Friday, 27 May 2016, 7:10PM

Hilary Barry has signed off from Newshub for the last time, with a handful of tissues, teary eyes, giggles, and a beautiful bunch of flowers.

The veteran newsreader said she was incredibly grateful for the last 23 years on the job, and thanked her colleagues for putting up with her giggling.

"You've been with us for 23 years and over that time much loved part of our family," co-host Mike McRoberts said.

"You're such a fantastic person to be with," he said, as Barry grabbed a handful of tissues and dabbed her eyes.

At the end of tonight's Newshub bulletin, a video montage of Barry over the years showed her as a young reporter making - and tasting a Spam smoothie and tracking down an escaped pig.

"When Hilary laughed, we all laughed," McRoberts said, before cutting to some of Barry's more infamous on-air giggle-attacks.

These included during a story on road kill, a segment on a defaced painting of Jesus, and a Malaysian diplomat's "emergency defecation" situation.

Earlier Barry shrieked "oh no" as McRoberts read a teaser for a tribute to the TV3 veteran.

In a post to Facebook, McRoberts has said he had tissues at the ready as he prepared to read the news for the last time with Barry, and " a nice little surprise for her at the end of the show."

But that didn't stop Barry taking a dig at her co-host, joking that he was asleep and someone else would have to learn to pick up after him from tomorrow.

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