Hamish & Andy Call Random to See If He Will Be Job Reference. He's the Best Man in Aus.

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 12:18PM

Hamish & Andy accidentally stumbled across what we reckon must be the best guy in Australia. Hamish called up as 'Tim' pretending he had randomly put him down as a reference for a job he was interviewing for.

James took one for the team and lied for his new mate Tim to the 'interviewers'. This is so good. 

And now we know who this James is!

James Lord lives in Melbourne, is an electrician, and is now famous following the viral video. 

Photo: Facebook/James Lord

“My phone’s been going off the rocker…I’ve had about, oh, 500 Facebook friend requests and maybe 100 inboxes – just saying “You’re a legend made”

“Including this interview, I’ve had maybe ten interviews.”

What an absolute legend. 

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