Footage Emerges of Cate Blanchett on TV Before She Was Famous

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 April 2016, 4:30PM

Footage has emerged this week of a pre-fame Cate Blanchett trying her luck on the popular  TV Show 'Hey, Hey, It's Saturday'.

Blanchett was a young uni student at the time appearing as a duo act 'Kate and Simon' (with 'Tal the token trombone player' on saxophone),

Blanchett - then studying fine arts at the University of Melbourne - sang a number titled Weird Love Song, with odd lyrics like 'If I was a stamp and you were my mail, I'd cling on tight as we travelled, but if you licked my back too much, I'd make your tongue go dry.'

The judges on the show weren't too impressed by the performance but it's safe to say that Cate landed on her feet!

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