Employee Didn't Recognise Billionaire Boss and Told Him to F**k Off

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Friday, 27 November 2015, 11:58AM

You should probably always be nice to others because you never know who will be watching..

This is a cautionary tale. Some workers at electronics giant Foxconn in China, were having a sneaky cigarette in a non-smoking section of their factory in Shenzhen when a busybody came along and asked them to stop.

Not recognising he was the billionaire Big Boss, they told him: ‘Who are you? It’s none of your f***ing business.’

Unfortunately for them, they had just dissed Terry Gou, the tycoon worth around £3.91billion controlling a million employees, who retorted: ‘If the manager doesn’t fix you, then I will fix you.

‘Foxconn doesn’t need workers like you.’

Terry Gou Photo: Getty Images

AHHHHH OOOOPS!  We imagine at this point it was definitely too late to apologise...

The clip has gone viral in China.

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