DNA Results That Even Shock Jeremy Kyle!

Publish Date
Thursday, 10 September 2015, 4:54PM

It's not often that Jeremy Kyle is rendered speechless, but a guest on his show just did that. 

A guy named Andrew came on the show to say that he would never accept his father as transgender. Jessie, a pre-op woman, was also subjected to a DNA test as there had been rumours that Andrew's mother had been dating someone around the same time as Andrew's conception.

And then it kicks off...

Despite the fact Andrew's mother and Jessie were both 100% sure that Jessie was his father, the DNA test came back negative. Could be why his mother decided not to appear on the show!

Andrew then says that Jessie can still be a part of he and his daughter's life - as long as Jessie promises to explain the situation regarding her gender to the child.

However, that doesn't seem the case as the Jeremy Kyle Twitter account tweeted the below after the show aired:


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