Couple Freaked Out After Burglar Stands Over Them for 15 Minutes

Publish Date
Friday, 29 July 2016, 11:30AM

It's bad enough when you find out someone has broken into your house but imagine watching back footage and finding out it's a whole lot worse.

Jordan Buranskas and boyfriend Jack Mackercher were asleep on their sofa when an intruder got in through an upstairs window.

They woke up and found Jordan's purse was gone, prompting them to check their CCTV footage - which is normally used to check on their dogs.

They discovered the above footage. The man stood there for about 15 minutes.

The couple have been trying to reassure themselves that the intruder was actually watching Mr Robot, which was playing on the TV while he was there, because he left soon after the credits started rolling.

Jack told WLS: ‘I’m like, “Why are you at the top of the stairs wearing a white hoodie before we went to bed?” She’s like, “I wasn’t at the top of the stairs.”
‘So that’s when you go flush and start to freak out a little bit.’

Jordan said: ‘He stood there for about 5 minutes the first time then walked away, then came back and hovered over us again for another 5 minutes.’

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