You can now stock up on cheap AF movie tickets for when cinema's reopen!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 May 2020, 2:00PM

Movie fans, you're gonna love this!

One of the things a lot of us will have been missing during the nationwide lockdown is being able to watch a movie at our local cinemas.

Well, Event Cinemas has our back and is now selling cheap-as-chips movie ticket and popcorn vouchers that people can redeem once the Covid-19 isolation rules are over.

People can buy up to 10 movie ticket vouchers for just $8 each! And considering pre-lockdown prices were around $20 or more, itโ€™s quite the steal!

And to go along with your movie voucher? How about $3 popcorn vouchers? Yes, please!

The vouchers are selling for a limited time and are valid from as soon as the cinemas reopen until January 2021 at EVENT Cinemas, Rialto Cinemas (Newmarket & Dunedin) and at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington for Cinebuzz members.

With movies like Wonder Woman, Mulan, A Quiet Place: II and more set to come out in the second half of the year, we canโ€™t wait!