You can change your ad interests for Facebook and Instagram

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 12:02PM

There's been a trend going around on the internet of finding your Instagram Ad Interests- and it's pretty great- NOW you can change them.

Whether Instagram thinks you have an interest in "The Jonas Brothers" or "Meat" when you're definitely a vegetarian, you can now change these interests.

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When you want to change those interests, this is how:

- Make sure you are logged into Facebook

- Go to Facebook Ad Preferences

- Choose Ad settings

- Then choose whether or not you want third-party sites and Facebook Company Products to use your information. 

There's a bunch of other information that this area also shows, including all of your interests, businesses that have target advertised to you and all the ad settings so you can keep a handle on those random ads!

If this isn't completely mindblowing, we don't know what is!