This gram-worthy bubble tea exhibit is a dream come true

Publish Date
Friday, 25 October 2019, 3:07PM

Bubble tea lovers, this is for you!

The cutest, most insta-worthy exhibition has opened for all bubble tea lovers to enjoy.

The exhibit provides the bubbliest picture spots, including a ball pit filled with 100,000 plastic 'pearls', and a bath tub full of (fake) cash!

The only problem? It's in Singapore... but we'd do anything for bubble tea, including flying to another country.

In case you did want to head along, the exhibition costs S$24 for weekday entry and S$28 for weekends and public holidays, and is openĀ until Dec 18.

Okay, just LOOK how cute these rooms are!

A bath full of cash!

Pose in the boba clouds!

Ugh, we NEED to be there!