This bar charges by the hour, so don't worry about the price of your drink!

Publish Date
Thursday, 10 October 2019, 3:01PM

Love to meet friends out for drinks, but hate how expensive cocktails are? SAME.

A new bar has opened in St Louis, US, that charges customers by the hour instead of by the drink.

Michael Butler, the owner of Open Concept says "we decided to mix technology with that open bar concept to where you can pay per hour and you can stay in the space as long as you want".

Drinkers sign up for bar time by using their cellphone, choosing either US$10 an hour for premium drinks and US$20 for top-shelf ones.

Say goodbye to worrying about how much you've spent on expensive cocktails because at this bar you only pay for the time you've spent there.

Plus, if you split that with a group of friends, you could have a great time and not spend too much! 

With the bar opening last week, nows the perfect time to book a gals trip to try it out!

Let's hope this comes to NZ!