These new ice creams are our new chocolatey obsession

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 1:25PM

If you're avoiding chocolate... don't read this article.

Pak 'n Save really did a great thing, when they announced that Cadbury and Nestle have released the perfect ice-cream to curb our chocolatey cravings.

The Kit Kat, Picnic and Crunchie chocolate ice creams have hit supermarket shelves, and we are beyond excited.

Now, these aren't exactly new, with commenters stating that these oldie but goodies were around a few years ago, so thank gosh they're back!

These frozen choccie treats come in packs of four, and we already know they are going to be our go-to this summer! 

Better run to the store, because these are bound to be snapped up!