These motorised pool tubes will ensure you summer is levelled up!

Publish Date
Monday, 3 January 2022, 7:13AM

The perfect gift doesn't exi.... 

If Santa didn't quite get you what you were after, or perhaps you were on the naughty list, we've got the perfect gift for yourself which will make this summer the best one yet!

Introducing the Motorised Pool Runner - Yes, similar to those bumper things at Rainbow's End.

From the product description on Container Door, you'll have "360 degree mobility in these tricked-out inflatable donuts, you can move in any direction at the touch of a button. Race 'em, bump 'em or just lay back and chillax on 'em."

Motorised tube runner 2429   web3

Either way, these sound LEGIT so if you want to impress the squad next time they're 'round for a swim, don't look any further!

We know it's a boat and not a train, but if there's somebody who'd be keen on a train for a pool, it's this guy! Listen to Fletch, Vaughan & Megan talk to the infamous train spotter Francis Bourgois below!


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