These jobs get the most right swipes on dating apps

Publish Date
Tuesday, 25 June 2019, 1:30PM

There are a few things we look for in a potential partner while on dating apps, and it seems that your occupation could be a make or break for some people.

A new dating app took a look at the occupations of the 5,000 most popular men and women on the app and found the jobs that were most likely to receive a right swipe:


1. Finance

2. Medicine/Health

3. Fashion

4. Marketing

5. Law


1. Finance

2. Computing/Tech

3. Medicine/Health

4. Consulting

5. Real Estate

It seems we're all pretty attracted to jobs that make a lot of $$$...

"Knowing what a potential date does for a living helps to build a picture of who they are and what they do," says David Vermeulen, CEO and founder of The Inner Circle.

"But meeting the perfect match goes far beyond that. Singles should spend time making sure their dating profile shows their personality and passions."