These are the illegal baby names that you'll want steer clear from!

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Sunday, 7 January 2018, 3:13PM
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Photo / Getty Images

For some it's such a tough decision, naming their child, the title to which they're going to have for the rest of their lives, grow up with, there is so much pressure and the last thing you want to do is break some laws in another country for your child!

And whilst it would be harder for us to give you a list of possibilities we thought we'd make it easier for you and give you a list of names you can't name your child because we're good like that.

Some of these names are a lot closer to home, for example here in New Zealand you're not allowed to have a title as a name so Sir, King, Prince, Duke, Dame, Princess, Queen and so on the no-go zone. So too is Tallulah Did The Hula From Hawaii and before you tell us that's crazy just remember that a couple named their daughter this and so it remained until she was 8!

In Sweden the name Superman is banned, in Portugal, you can't name your child Mona Lisa and if you're from Iceland, the common name Harriet is banned because there is no Icelandic equivalent!

Hopefully, this helps to eliminate any names from your list!

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