The first trailer for Sex Education: Season 3 is here!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 11:28AM

Last month we gave you the premiere date, now we have a trailer!

The message for the new season seems to be 'Choose Mooredale!' as a new ad campaign encourages future pupils to enrol in what was once, a pillar of excellence. Hence the introduction of preppy school uniforms.

The trailer introduces us to Jemima Kirke who is the new Headmistress of Mooredale, and the replacement for Mr. Groff who was placed on administrative leave. 

Although the trailer doesn't really show much of what the new season will be about it does a great job of introducing the new dynamics, and the famous humour that the show is known for.

Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on September 17. Check out the trailer above. 


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