Red velvet oreos are in NZ and you probably didn't know it

Publish Date
Thursday, 1 August 2019, 10:15AM

Oreos are a classic, but they've had a twist and its delicious and we never noticed!

Red velvet Oreos have been secretly added to our supermarket shelves, and they're incredible.

The scrummy cookies- which are actually vegan- are being spotted at Countdown, Pak n Save and New World stores across the country for around $1-2 a pack.

Us when we found them.

Although the red velvet flavour is one of the most loved/hated flavours of cake, in a cookie it somehow just works!

What's even better? they're on sale for $1 right now at Countdown- grab them while you can!

Brb while we shove our face full of oreos...tehe.