New images of Harry Styles in My Policeman!

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Friday, 10 June 2022, 12:20PM

There's 133 days until Harry Styles stars in the forbidden love story, My Policeman!  

Based on the book by Bethan Roberts, My Policeman carves a visually transporting, heart-stopping portrait of three people caught up in the shifting tides of history, liberty, and forgiveness.

We cannot WAIT to see Harry Styles star in this film and lucky for us new images from the film have been released!

You can just tell this film will be a hit, I mean LOOK at these photos!

In a vanity Fair interview, Director Michael Grandage didn't have Harry on his radar to play the character Tom.

“He had read the script so many times that he knew every single beat of it at that meeting,” the director said. “He knew other people’s lines; he knew all of his lines. He knew why he wanted to talk about it, why one scene worked this way and another worked.”

Producer Robbie Rogers knowledge that Harry and Tom have alot in common saying “this story is about two people that are in love with Tom, slightly obsessed with him." “Harry — the world is so transfixed on him, on his every move.”


My Policeman Will Release in Theatres on October 21st this year and Globally on Prime Video Starting November 4, 2022

Can we buy tickets for every showing at the cinemas... asking for a friend 🤫🤫

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