L&P and Pineapple Lumps have combined to make the ultimate Kiwi lollies!

Publish Date
Monday, 31 August 2020, 9:08AM

Uhhhh... YUM!

What do you get when you combine the good lemony stuff of L&P with Pineapple Lumps? The brand new, limited edition L&P Flavour Lumps!

Combining the taste of L&P flavoured chewy centres with a tasty dark choc coating, these new lumps are practically everything Kiwi in one.

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“We are always looking for ways we can excite Kiwi fans with delicious new products. After the overwhelming success of previous LUMPS collaborations, such as PERKY NANA LUMPS and PASCALL SNIFTERS LUMPS, the new PASCALL L&P FLAVOUR LUMPS are sure to be another winning combo,” says Christel Maurer of Pascall New Zealand.

In stores TODAY, for a limited time!