It turns out cutting cake for multiple people is easy af

Publish Date
Monday, 8 July 2019, 3:33PM

Divvying up slices of cake isn't exactly the easiest task that comes with a party, especially for large events.

Slice too thin, and the delicate piece of cake will fold over on itself as you transfer it to the plate.

Cut it too big, and there's people winging that thy missed out. 

GUYS, we have the solution. Well, Food Network does...

Instead of cutting the cake into wedge type sections, Katherine Sabbath slices the cake horizontally into one-inch thick slabs, and then cuts each slab into one-inch rectangular portions. Genius right? It's about to get better. 

She also presses a plastic cutting board against the slab as she slices it to keep it steady as it separates from the cake.

When cut completely, the cake provides at least 30 responsible servings!

The brilliance behind this technique? It ensures everyone will get a piece ... and there’s sure to be leftovers for anyone who wants more.