If you own a salt lamp, this PSA is for you!

Publish Date
Friday, 5 July 2019, 8:44AM

Like every other basic b*tch in the world, you probably have a salt lamp- and if you do, you need to listen up!

Salt lamps are the best are great for adding a little aesthetic and light to any room, but vibes may not be worth it if you have pets.

A vet has warned that the lamps could be dangerous to animals and cause "neurological problems", especially in cats.

Cat owner Maddie Smith first noticed her cat Ruby was behaving unusually on a Wednesday, holding her head in a "strange position as she walked".

Vets found that her cat Ruby had "extremely high" levels of sodium, and the cat had been ingesting salt by licking a Himalayan salt lamp in the home.

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Sodium poisoning in cats and dogs in extreme cases is life-threatening and can cause loss of coordination, excessive thirst, tremors, coma, seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea.

So if you want to keep your salt lamp vibes, make sure it is out of reach of your furry friends!