How you can order your vegetarian meals in Te Reo!

Publish Date
Friday, 31 May 2019, 3:58PM

With more and more people turning away from eating meat, its more common that we are ordering vegetarian meals.

But what if you want to order your meal in Te Reo?

These words will help you out:


Vegetarian: Kaimanga

Vegetables: Huawhenua

Fruit: Huarākau

Salad: Huamata

Herbs: Rauamiami

Lentils: Rénetihi

Hummus: Penu Tikipi

Falalel: Wherawhe

Smoothie: Mōhani


A few more phrases that may help:

Hei āwhina i a koutou...   (Can I help you?)

He kupu anō āu?   (Anything else?)


Time to get ordering!