Don't panic- your star sign has NOT changed!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 3:04PM

While we've all seen the news that the star signs are changing- no need to stress, because you're safe.

NASA themselves have confirmed that they did NOT change the zodiac, and honestly, we're relived. 

Astronomers don't even have that power. Because astronomy and astrology are very different things and only one is considered the domain of scientists.

"We see your comments about a zodiac story that re-emerges every few years," the United States space agency recently tweeted.

The origin of this alleged 'zodiac change' dates back to 2016- so it's really nothing new.

Basically 3,000 years ago Babylonians first invented the 12 signs of zodiac, a birthday between about July 23 and August 22 meant being born under the constellation Leo.

"Now, 3,000 years later, the sky has shifted because Earth's axis (North Pole) doesn't point in quite the same direction."- meaning there is technically a thirteenth costellation.

Adding in a thirteenth zodiac, astronomers then calculated new dates for our star signs:

Capricorn: Jan 20 - Feb 16 

Aquarius: Feb 16 - March 11 

Pisces: March 11 - April 18 

Aries: April 18 - May 13 

Taurus: May 13 - June 21 

Gemini: June 21 - July 20

Cancer: July 20 - Aug 10

Leo: Aug 10 - Sept 16 

Virgo: Sept 16 - Oct 30 

Libra: Oct 30 - Nov 23 

Scorpio: Nov 23 - Nov 29 

Ophiuchus: Nov 29 - Dec 17 

Sagittarius: Dec 17 - Jan 20

Of course, this wasn't suggesting any kind of official star sign change - it was just interesting math.

So do whatever with this info- we're just happy we don't have to relearn a whole new sign!