Check out everything that's coming to Neon in November!

Publish Date
Thursday, 28 October 2021, 12:22PM

Can you believe it's November next week? Luckily Neon has our backs!

Our besties at Neon continue to bring the goods for all our viewing pleasures and next month really is no difference. 

Check out the list below and note down the days they are added to the streaming site. 

November 1


Royals - Keeping the Crown

November 2

Recovery 29

A Mild Touch of Cancer

The Green Hornet

November 4

Dark Side of the 90s

The Devil's Advocate

November 5

Blaze and the Monster Machines S5


November 6

PAW Patrol S6a

Love & Listings S1

Love & Listings S2

Elizabeth Is Missing

Message In A Bottle

November 8

Yellowstone S4

Dexter: New Blood


November 9

Dark Side of the Ring S3b

November 10

The Legend of Korra S1

The Legend of Korra S2

The Legend of the Five

November 11

Louis Theroux: LA Stories

A Horse For Summer

November 12

My Pet & Me: Vet Tales

The Witches (2020)

The Witches (1990)

November 13

Teen Mom 2 S9


November 14


15 Minutes of Shame

November 15

Blues Clues & You S1a

The Last Boy Scout

November 16

Yellow Jackets

November 17

Bubble Guppies S5a

Fist Fight

November 18

VICE Versa: Crusaders

The Flash S8

Dolphin Tale

Dolphin Tale 2

November 19

Sunny Bunnies

Eat Pray Love

November 20

The Great S2

Magic Mike

November 21

Shadow in the Cloud

November 22

Pale River

November 23 

Catfish: The TV Show S7

The Green Lantern

November 24

Dragon Soldiers

November 25

Your Highness

November 26

Gossip Girl S1

Gossip Girl S2

Gossip Girl S3

Gossip Girl S4

Gossip Girl S5

Gossip Girl S6

City of Angels 

November 27

Made in Dagenham

November 28

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

The Little Things

November 29

Swashbuckle S5

Clash of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans

November 30


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