Arnott's are teasing a controversial new flavour of shapes

Publish Date
Thursday, 16 July 2020, 12:55PM


It's become a popular opinion on the internet that Coriander is the worst thing in the world for it's sometimes soapy flavour- and now one of the most popular cracker companies has teased the idea of a new flavour.

Taking to Facebook, Arnott's shared a post of the new coriander flavour, presumably to test the waters on what the world thinks...

And it was probably what they were expecting: bad.

With around 300 angry reactions, and PLENTY of heated comments... it seems like most people are NOT keen on the idea.

"I love coriander but I still have to ask: Why, when so many people hate coriander? Even i would NOT buy these."

Another wrote: "What is the world coming to? First COVID. Then Coriander Shapes. I can't take anymore."

The company finished the post with #DontWorryWeAreNotActuallyMakingThese- so we can safely assume that the flavour won't be hitting shelves any time soon... but who knows...