A plea to T2: Please restock your tea advent calendars

Publish Date
Monday, 25 November 2019, 12:11PM

If, like me, you have been delivered this sponsored ad from T2, you may have been utterly disappointed, nay, devastated to find that this genius product is out of stock. 

For those of us not enticed by the cheap chocolate of your typical 'superhero themed' advent calendars, but still relish in the Christmas tradition of opening a tiny cardboard window to find a delicious treat - T2 came through... until they didn't.  

The 24 day advent calendar teas come in both loose leaf sachets or bags, however, BOTH are sold out. 

Am I abusing my power as a writer for ZM to influence the product market? Maybe, but I assure you, readers, that this is not out of selfish reasons, but as a voice of the people to get tea drinkers the product they deserve. 

So please, T2, restock your calendars and spread the Christmas joy you're capable of doing. 


Tea Drinkers of New Zealand.