Two of the MAFS stars have hooked up with each other after the show!

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 4:00PM
Photo: MediaWorks

Photo: MediaWorks

The second season of Married At First Sight NZ passed without much fanfare. 

This time around the show seemed to lack on the drama side - but now that the shows over the biggest scandal has erupted. 

Monique Lee and Gareth Noble didn't last with their on-screen wife and hubby, so opted to have a go with each other!


The two were spotted kissing and holding hands at a MAFS party celebrating the end of the season.

And Monique's even confirmed it herself telling Stuff, "Gareth and I did kiss while clubbing in Christchurch"

"It wasn't planned and was very unexpected. We care a lot for our MAFS family, even if we didn't show that in the best way on Saturday night. We are all still friends," she said.

Gareth was originally paired with Ottie Schwartz, and Monique was matched with Fraser Pearce.

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And the former spouses are not happy about the hookup, speaking to Stuff about it Fraser said: "Both Ottie and I are hurt about the environment in which it happened, and how we didn't find out what happened from them first."

"Behaving like this at a social event for our friends and family, hosted by our MAFS family to celebrate our journey together wasn't mindful of either Fraser or myself," Ottie added.

"No one ever wants to hear this kind of news from a third party. But I wish them all the best."

Monique insists told Fraser and Ottie what happened "the next day," but both Fraser and Ottie say they, in fact, found out from someone else.

Now we just have to wait and see if this thing between Monique and Gareth was just a one-off, or will build into something more... 

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