Twitter users are freaking out after finding out this about Rihanna...

Publish Date
Friday, 22 September 2017, 3:33PM

Some people know things and others are just super late to the party... 

And these Rihanna 'fans' are about 6 years too late to the party. 

Twitter users are freaking out at the realisation that 'Fenty Beauty' and 'Fenty x Puma', two brands by Rihanna, are named that because Fenty is, in fact, her last name. 

Yes, shock horror, right?! 

And just so we won't shock anyone else in the near future, let's just tell you now that Rihanna is actually her middle name and her first name is Robyn!

Check out some people who just discovered the bad gal's last name below:

But other fans were shocked that people didn't know:

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