Turns out Kim Kardashian breaks the worst beauty sin on the regular

Publish Date
Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 3:46PM

Kim Kardashian: reality TV star, beauty mogul and apparently also just as gross as us!

Everyone knows that the ultimate beauty sin is sleeping with your make up on. 

We also have all done it- because sometimes you're tired and lazy or maybe it's been a big night and you forget. 

But it turns out, Kim Kardashian, the queen of glam, has been breaking the one rule you're not supposed to.

She admitted to host of E!'s late night talk show Busy Tonight, Busy Phillips that she regularly sleeps with her makeup on.

"Oh, all the time. 

"Yeah. Like even if I can't have glam the next day, I'll sleep perfectly and maybe I'll redo my skin, but I try to salvage it for two days."

One word. GROSS.

What we don't understand, is why she needs to salvage her make up anyway..

Surely she has her glam team on speed dial?!

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