The winning couple of Heartbreak Island 2018 is...

It started with 16 sexy singles and six newbies (or 'disruptors') came along on the way but now, we finally have the winning couple of the first-ever season of Heartbreak Island.

Harry and Georgia have taken out 2018's Heartbreak Island!


The pair have won $100,000, a Suzuki Swift and a trip overseas between the two of them. 

The two bet out Ruby and Joshua and have seemingly not just won the grand prize, but also love. 

The question now is whether the two have stayed together since filming wrapped at the start of this year. 

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Fletch, Vaughan and Megan will be able to find out from them tomorrow morning when Harry and Georgia come into the ZM studios. Tune in from 7.30am to hear the goss!


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