The Internet is divided after Cole Sprouse gets into a fight with a busker

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Sunday, 16 July 2017, 11:17AM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Well, this little situation that Cole Sprouse has got himself into has surely divided the fans a little bit.

Riverdale season 2 has been filming in Canada and the cast and crew found themselves in a wee bit of a pickle with a busker. By the looks of things, most were confused as to what to do, but not ole mate Cole, who thought the quickest way to fix the issue was to go to the source itself. Let's just say that's where the problem escalated!

From the revealed footage, you can see Cole politely asking the busker for simply an hour of her time for so they can finish filming, but that proved to be a difficult request for the street performer:

“we’re begging you, our production in there…we can’t film anything.”

“I know you’re asking for compensation, but we’re asking for simply an hour to finish this.”

At this point, Cole threw a wee bit of an insult out that really got Babe Coal, the busker in question, riled up and from there things became a little bit awkward! Not as awkward, however, as how the ending to this whole fiasco:

And this is where the Internet split their opinions down the middle:

Weeeeelp, this is certainly an awkward sitch...

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