STOP EVERYTHING: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just got married in Vegas!

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 May 2019, 5:34PM

After the couple's adorable night at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, it seems that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have tied the knot!

After performing in their first awards show since announcing the JoBros reunion earlier this year, it seems the brothers, Sophie and some friends headed to a chapel, Elvis and all!

Now, our good mate Diplo is the one to thank with the news- posting pictures, videos and even LIVESTREAMING the whole wedding on his Instagram story.

Now we're not entirely sure the legitness of the wedding, as you can spot Sophie's finger wearing a lolly ring pop and not an actual diamond, but etonline have confirmed the marriage by finding the official papers!

We'll be watching the couples Instagrams closely for the first photos!

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