SPOILERS: The shock ending in The Bachelor Australia that has fans reeling

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Friday, 5 October 2018, 9:40AM

Last night in Australia, the finale of The Bachelor Au was aired.

Unfortunately, New Zealand is a week behind, so we won't see the winner on NZ screens until next Wednesday. 

But let's be honest, a majority of us are watching the show in advance online and the rest of you will be lucky to go until next Weds without seeing some spoiler online. 

So get prepared for the shock ending... HE CHOSE NO ONE. 


The final two girls came down to Brittany and Sophie after front-runner Brooke decided to leave the show.

Obviously, fans were shocked by this Bachelor-first and have many theories about Nick's decision.

Most people seem to believe that Nick's heart was with Brooke and as she left he didn't want to choose one of the final two. 

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Now we just have to wait and see if Nick and Brooke reunite off screen...

Naturally, the shock ending was a hot topic on Twitter with some LOL tweets:

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