Princess Charlotte's cheeky antics caught on camera

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 September 2018, 9:54AM

The cheekiest Royal, Princess Charlotte, has been up to her cheeky antics again and we can't help but smile!

The three-year-old daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate, can't help but have a little fun when she's out in public, especially when there are cameras around...

Some of our favourite moments include her sassing the paparazzi

And now she's back to her antics, reports claiming she pinched her Mums purse for the perfect accessory in photos at a friend of Kate's wedding.

To add to the cuteness, she, of course, shot a disappointing look at her beloved brother George as he tried to steal her limelight in the photos.

Considering this little girl could be our Queen someday- we're pretty sure we're in good hands!

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