Matt from Lizzie McGuire is all grown up and unrecognisable

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 9:18AM

Ah, Lizzie McGuire, essential veiwing material in the life of an early 2000s girl... Disney just doesn't make em like they used to, so this blast from the past will certainly take you back!

Sup ladies Few more in my story #lizziemcguire

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Firstly, lets refresh you memory on everyone's favourite on screen little brother. Matt, Lizzie's brother was played by Jake Thomas, who also starred in Disney's Cory In The House. Since that he made appearances in House, CSI: MiamiCSI: NYCriminal Minds, and ER.

Although Jake still acts, he's also a talented photographer, and still catches up with his Disney fam. 

Anyone want to re-watch the Lizzie McGuire movie?



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