Married at First Sight's Tracey dishes the dirt on 'aggressive' co-star and ex

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Friday, 6 July 2018, 3:11PM

Married at First Sight Australia star Tracey Jewel has been dishing the dirt on her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sean Thomsen.

While in New Zealand to promote her new book Don't Mess with the Goddess, Jewel told Woman's Day her relationship with Thomsen was "just a rebound thing".

She said he was "aggressive and jealous" and she questioned why he actually with her.

"He was much more focused on his Instagram and being seen out at events than on me. He's now turned really bitter and has started this anti-Tracey club with another ex-boyfriend of mine. He needs to move on with his life."


Jewel was initially married to Dean Wells on the show, but after dumping him at their commitment ceremony she went on to date Thomsen.

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Jewel and Wells' time on the show was perhaps the most dramatic of the lot with Wells cheating on her with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

Despite all of the drama between them the pair seem to be on good terms now with Wells attending her book launch in Melbourne.

"He hooked up with one of my friends, a 21-year-old DJ. It's classic Dean. But they lasted a week, which is good for him," she told Woman's Day.

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The Perth native has since rekindled her relationship with ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos who she calls her soulmate.

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