MAFS star Nasser's horrendous "diss track" will ruin your day

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Thursday, 11 October 2018, 9:58AM

MAFS star Nasser Sultan boasts 43.3k followers on Instagram, but now the reality-tv divorcee has released a "diss track" against the social media company.

Nasser has released his so-called "diss-track", and we can't lie- it's horrendous!

Tagging Sony Music, and using a 5 Seconds Of Summer backing track, the song goes into his frustrations seemingly being the only MAF's cast to not have the infamous blue tick. 

Check it out here:

(Don't blame us when it ruins your day).

"Nasser Sultan - Blue Tick (ft @5sos) Scroll across for part two and my freestyle rap!!"

“I remember the words Gab told me…" Nasser begins.

"I didn’t give it everything. Speeding on my scooter and got a fine. Yeah, no one to call me baby. Now all I’ve got is my fame - I'm really famous you know...

"...Inbox blowing up yeah, all the groupies want to play games. I kiss and I kiss, but they pulling away, asking is this really Nass"

"...Without the blue tick, no girls coming over ye feel."

We're not sure whether to laugh or cry... but we've got to give him credit for going to pretty long lengths for the verification status!

(Which btw, he still doesn't have!)

Nasser's account boasts a long list of 'credits': Married At First Sight (Season 5), Trial By Kyle, TV personality, Beauty/Fitness and Prankster.

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